Marketing plays a significant role in business development and growth. Marketing is a vital player in constructing and delivering the proper message for your prospects and customers. It is very important to understand that one of the main roles that marketing has is to generate the interest in potential customers and to bring them into the business.

There is a major difference in marketing for B2B and marketing for B2C. While creating a marketing campaign for business-to-business organization can create an interest most often you still need sales people to actually close the deal. The primary reason is that usually you have higher sums to work with and to pay for the service or product. Let’s take a telecommunications dealer as an example; they sell phone systems for businesses. A phone system is not cheap, and there is a process of implementation and maintenance attached to it. Therefore a salesperson has to go over all of those details in order to sale. Now in comparison let’s take a headphones by Sony, you as a marketer create several different messages including numerous channels such as: TV ads, radio spots, billboards and internet marketing to generate general interest. Next, customer usually goes online to read review or research features of the headphone piece then travels to the store to play with them and finally finishes up with purchase (if he liked them).

The process is different, however the main idea stays the same as the goal is to create an interest and to influence one’s buying decision. Marketing uses multiple channels to reach the most appropriate target audience. It is always the best to go for a targeted audience approach then to blast out your message to the general audience. The more targeted it is the more results it will bring to you as you’ll be speaking with the audience of interest. To establish the most appropriate target audience marketing professional needs to use marketing research. Marketing research helps to create a plan supported with the actual data of the research to establish areas where the product or service can be advertised for the most beneficial outcome.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the company is, because marketing is one practice that is needed all the time. It helps to develop and grow the business at any level. Marketing is very broad and rich in its practice, there are many creative solutions to any problem that marketing needs to solve. The most amazing thing is that marketing is endless in its creation and creativity. Marketers can be as creative as they want to be, there is no limit!