How to become a MILLIONAIRE. I am sure this is a question pretty much everyone on the planet has asked themselves at one point. The millionaire status means you get to enjoy the comforts of being rich, of being wealthy, and it also means you have one less thing to worry about; money.

The truth, however, is that becoming a millionaire isn’t as hard as one thinks. In fact, there are several things you can start doing today to start your journey to the million dollar club. For starters, the most realistic and practical way to be a millionaire is to invest your money until your investments equal to $1 Million or more. Save…and then invest whatever you save! At the end of the day, saving and investing will get you to the million dollars club if you are disciplined and purposeful about it. So be smart with your money and save! Put those savings into an investment account and watch the value of your investments grow over the years! Another way to become a million is to earn more money and…

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